Canada Solo Dance Performance

Canada Solo Dance Performance

Kypria International Festival 2017,


From Canada and for the first time in Cyprus, as strong as vulnerable, [ID] DOUBLE embodies a woman's quest of identity, confronted by the tumult of her own contradictions. A sharp reflection of a society often lost between a phantasmagorical representation of oneself and the reality, the piece constantly evolves in contrasts, testifying with strength this intensified duality. With Maria Callas as a music common thread and through an organic, fluid and frantic movement, [ID] DOUBLE traces the ambiguous architecture of a collective notion and moves given its disarming authenticity. Within the framework of Kypria International Festival 2017

Choreographer: Louis-Elyan Martin 

Dancer, collaborator to choreography: Laurie-Anne Langis

Tickets: € 10 / 8 / 5

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