Young Soloists in Concert

Young Soloists in Concert

Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra

Bringing together youngsters with talent and enthusiasm for music, the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra strives for the highest possible artistic level through a wide range of musical activities. The Orchestra makes a valuable contribution to music education and plays a significant role in the cultural scene of the country. 

Within this framework, the CyYSO has collaborated with the “Avantgarde” Cultural Foundation in order to invite talented young pianists to perform as soloists with the Orchestra, through the piano competition organized by this organisation. Thus, a musical communication among young people is built, proving especially valuable for our young pianists since it will significantly encourage their further musical progress and development. Mozart’s Piano concerto no. 23, interpreted by Nicolas Georgiades (9th PanCyprian “Avantgarde” Competition for Young Pianists, 2014) is marked by melodies verging on the sublime and was written for the Lenten series of 1786. It holds a unique position among the composer’s works in that its slow movement is the only Adagio in all of his concertos, with all the others being marked Andante. David Anastasiou (10th PanCyprian “Avantgarde” Competition for Young Pianists, 2016) will perform for us Liszt’s Fantasia on Hungarian Folk Melodies, written in 1852, none other than the composer’s arrangement for  piano and orchestra of his Hungarian Rhapsody No.14, originally for solo piano. 

With Easter just around the corner however, the performance of Mozart’s Requiem, left unfinished at the composer's death in December 1791 and completed the following year by his copyist Franz Xaver Süssmayr assumes special importance. The CyYSO presents this masterful Requiem in collaboration and co-creation with young as well as accomplished artists. The dynamism and explosive energy of the Orchestra, together with the excellent Limassol Lyceum Choir and high-caliber soloists from the Bolshoi Theatre Moscow – one of the most outstanding national theatres in the world – promises to be a gripping combination. 

W. A. Mozart: Piano concerto no. 23 in A major, Κ. 488

F. Liszt: Fantasia on Hungarian Folk Melodies 

W. A. Mozart: Requiem in D minor, K. 626

Soloists: Nicolas Georgiades (piano) (9th PanCyprian “Avantgarde” Competition for Young Pianists, 2014)

David Anastasiou (piano)  (10th PanCyprian “Avantgarde” Competition for Young Pianists, 2016)

4 singers 

Limassol Music Lyceum Choir (choirmaster: S. Kladas)

Conductor: Yiorgos Kountouris

In collaboration with the “Avantgarde” Cultural Organisation, the Russian Cultural Centre and the Department of Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture 

Supporters: Rialto Theatre, Limassol Municipality

Tickets: €12, €7 (young people 18-26 yrs, pensioners), €5 (young people 12-18 yrs), €3 (children under 12)

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