Rialto Theatre celebrates 20 years anniversary and invites cultural οrganizations and artists to participate in the celebratory events!

Rialto Theatre – 20 years!

Open call for participation in the events marking
the 20th anniversary of the Rialto Theatre

The Rialto Theatre will soon complete its 20th year of operation since the extensive renovation of the historic cinema by Limassol Cooperative Savings Bank.

Since its re-opening in May 1999 to this date, the Rialto Theatre has organised thousands of events, covering the entire spectrum of performing arts, and has managed to bring together more than 1.5 million spectators. During the past years, it has been established as a contemporary performing arts venue, one of the most important cultural organisations of Cyprus, as well as a loyal partner of the Ministry of Education and Culture, co-organising major state events and festivals, thus acquiring a dominant role in the island’s cultural development.

To celebrate its glorious path and to honour the artists, associations and cultural organisations involved in the island’s cultural scene, the Rialto Theatre organises a series of events, dedicated to its 20-year cultural contribution, to take place in May 2019.

The objective of this series of events is to present a global picture of the island’s and the world’s contemporary artistic creation. Hence, interested parties, artists and cultural groups are invited to fill in and submit the Application Form by the 15th of November 2018 at info@rialto.com.cy.

Interested parties can download the Application Form by clicking here

Participation terms:

1. Priority shall be given to Associations, Organisations and Artists producing original work.
2. The collaboration between the Theatre and the interested parties may take place in various ways: by covering or contributing to the production/performance costs, via theatre rental/use agreement, by providing technical support or other agreement.
3. No travelling or accommodation expenses shall be covered.
4. The number of the selected events may vary according to the financial requirements of the partners and the available funds.
5. Interested parties must submit the relevant form (downloadable via the theatre’s website) describing the event, stating the parties involved and the proposed period.
6. The events may be photographed and video-recorded within the framework of the celebrations and shall remain at the Theatre’s archive.

Proposals will be evaluated by the Organisers before the 20/12/2018.
The parties of the selected proposals shall be convened to a meeting in order to discuss and establish the next stages.