15th Sound & Mousic Computing Conference

15th Sound & Mousic Computing Conference

Wednesday 4.7 & Friday  6.7

Alongside concerts of acousmatic works and installations, SMC 2018 also features performances of compositions for instrument(s) and electronics. 

Selected compositions from the recent “call for works" will be performed by this year’s invited ensembles and musicians, pianist Anna D'Errico (Italy), ARTéfacts Ensemble (Greece) and Chronos Ensemble (Cyprus). 


Wednesday 4th July

Hekate 13’ | Konstantinos Karathanasis / Ensemble Artefacts
Misprints 9’57’’ | David Q. Nguyen / Acousmatic
Electrostatic Whale 5’ | Vera Ivanova / Ensemble Artefacts
Frauenstimmen 8’30’’ | Silvia Rosani / Anna D'Errico
Delta time 5’40’’ | Daria Baiocchi / Ensemble Artefacts

LINEAR 7’15’’ | Giovanni Santini / Ensemble Artefacts
Dark Path #2 - Multichannel version 7’35’’ | Anna Terzaroli / Acousmatic
Vocabulary of loneliness 10’30’’ | Ivan Chiarelli / Anna D'Errico
Traces of Play 11’10’’ | Ambrose Seddon / Acousmatic
Another Door II 6’10’’ | Man Jie / Ensemble Artefacts
Atman 6’25’’ | Leo Cicala / Acousmatic
Patterns from the Chaos 9’ | Francesco Bossi / Ensemble Artefacts

Prosopon: 61° North 10’ | Esthir Lemi / Ensemble Artefacts
Movement One - Encounters in the Republic of Heaven 19’58’’ | Trevor Wishart
Espuma que va calando en la arena 9’ | Alberto Carretero / Ensemble Artefacts
West Pole 9’ | Panayiotis Kokoras / Anna D'Errico
Sonic Environment Artefacts 10’ | Andreas Weixler, Se-Lien Chuang / Ensemble Artefacts

Friday 6th July

Sarteano, l'estate 12’ | Mike Frengel / Acousmatic
Le cauchemar agréable 5’ | Ayako Sato / Acousmatic
Everything Will Be Shaken 10’07’’ | Seth Shafer / Acousmatic
Irides 11’11’’ | Aki Pasoulas / Acousmatic
AridFlow 6’34’’ | Jason Bolte / Acousmatic
Karst Grotto 7’59’’ | Nikos Stavropoulos / Acousmatic

Erevos 7’23’’ | Dimitris Savva / Acousmatic
Chief Sky 8’09’’ | Israel Neuman / Acousmatic - Video
1've c0unted 7hat 1 b4 4’05’’ | Elliot K. Canfield-Dafilou / Acousmatic -Video
Until I become nothing 12’43’’ | Jacob Elkin / Acousmatic
I dreamt that I died and came back as a moth trapped in a practice room piano 9’25’’ | Gordon Delap / Acousmatic
FSK 8’12’’ | Robert Schwarz / Acousmatic
Moiroloi I 5’48’’ | Dimitrios Bakas / Acousmatic

Towdah 13’ | Joao Pedro Oliveira / Chronos Ensemble
Live Mechanics 11’ | Tychonas Michailidis / Performance
Helios 10’ | Claude Cadoz / Acousmatic - Video
Resounding Resonances 10’ | Nicoletta Andreuccetti, Lorenzo Ballerini, Tommaso Rosati / Chronos Ensemble
Windows Left Open 8’14’’ | Sean Peuquet / Chronos Ensemble
Comprovisação nº 9 10’ | Pedro Louzeiro, Henrique Portovedo / Chronos Ensemble 

ARTEFACTS ENSEMBLE / “With the support of the Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens”
ARTéfacts Εnsemble was founded in 2007 in Athens and made their debut in January 2008. The ensemble consists of 7 core members and constantly collaborates with a number of other musicians and a varied range of artists. The flexible structure of the ensemble and, mainly, the presence of a multimedia director within its basic core members offer various possibilities for a more fresh, approachable and rich presentation of the contemporary repertoire.

The repertoire of pianist Anna D'Errico ranges from classical music to that of the present. Her focus on contemporary music has led her to establish working relationships with some of today's most intriguing composers. She is regularly invited to appear in many international concert halls and to take part in recording projects. She has worked with composers like Helmut Lachenmann, Salvatore Sciarrino, Enno Poppe, Georges Aperghis, Brian Ferneyhough, Beat Furrer, Rebecca Saunders, Heinz Holliger, and conductors of the caliber of Peter Eötvös, Lucas Vis and Matthias Pintscher.

Chronos Ensemble was formed in order to promote Contemporary Music in Cyprus as well as help disseminate and support the work of contemporary Cypriot composers abroad through concerts, seminars, workshops, presentations and publications. The ensemble’s founding members are Virginie Bove (flute), George Georgiou (clarinet), Sorin Alexandru-H

Tickets: €10

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