21st Cyprus Contemporary Dance - France

21st Cyprus Contemporary Dance - France

Meeting you was Fate
Théâtre du Corps Pietragalla-Derouault

Meeting You Was Fate is an intimate journey, an exploration of the loving connection between two beings: a work about the present, the lasting and the change of feelings created by their own volatility.

In this performance, created by and for Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault, the choreographers deal with the memory that dissolves, leaving space for the memory of the soul. The couple stage in its simplicity showcases the connection between a man and a woman, the spark of their meeting, the overflowed thoughts and time in motion that reshapes their destiny every moment.

In 2005, Marie-Claude Pietragalla, an acclaimed and an iconic gure of French dance, Etoile of the Paris Opera, ex-General Director of the Marseille National Ballet, with Julien Derouault, ex-soloist of the Marseille National Ballet, went into partnership to found an independent dance company in Paris: the Théâtre du Corps Pietragalla-Derouault (Theatre of the body). Together they have choreographed more than 20 works. Their choreography presents a dual vision of the world: real and fantasy, masculine and feminine, abrupt and lyrical, free and structured, funny and dramatic. It questions humanity and its relationship with the imaginary and unconscious through the body. Théâtre du Corps mixes languages: all forms of art dance, literature, music, theatre, mime, circus, video, martial arts and painting are sources of inspiration that feed into each other and open up a new work space. Dance is, in essence, a multidimensional art, so in their choreographies the body creates volumes, shaping energy to release yet more, a projection and a sensation. Here, dance is seen as something beyond an intellectual and analytical study; it becomes the art of feeling.

Duration: 80’

Organisers: Ministry of Education and Culture – Rialto Theatre, with the collaboration of the embassies and cultural centres of the participant countries.

In collaboration: Limassol Municipality, Nicosia Municipality, Dance House Lemesos
Media Sponsors: Fileleftheros, Φιλgood*, Αctive 107.4 & 102.5 & Cybc
Supported by: Eventpro, Limassol Tourist Board, Lemesos Newspaper

Tickets € 5 Ι Festival Pass € 20
Free admission for pupils, students, soldiers, pensioners and dance professionals

Free bus from Nicosia. Departure at 19:00 from the Cyprus Handicraft Centre (Athalassa Avenue). Information: 99420642

Instutut Francais: 22459333


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