5 Lesbians eating a quiche

5 Lesbians eating a quiche

A black absurd comedy I In Greek Ι FlashArt 2023 Ι On Stage

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Last event date: Monday, April 03 2023 8:30PM

Written by Andrew Hobgood and Evan Linder, 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche premiered in the Greek language in the framework of theYard.Residency in December 2021, directed by Evita Ioannou. After 23 sold-out shows in both Limassol and Nicosia, the 5 Lesbians are presenting one final show at Rialto Theatre just before their new run in Athens in May 2023.

Set in 1956, the women of the Susan B. Anthony Society for the Sisters of Gertrude Stein share a motto: ‘no men, no meat, all manners’. The five women, all self-described as widows, gather every year for a quiche competition. They all share a rather unusual passion for quiche, they love it more than anyone else who says they ever loved quiche. The five women meet in a church basement, which is also a bomb shelter, for the 1956 annual quiche breakfast competition. But the competition is abruptly disrupted when a nuclear explosion puts an end to the outside world. The five women may be the only surviving members of the human race. Stuck in the basement, they must confront their greatest fears, as well as their sexual identity. A black comedy with numerous absurdist elements. All for the love of quiche.

Writers: Andrew Hobgood & Evan Linder
Director: Evita Ioannou
Creative advisor: Constantina Peter
Cast: Nayia Anastadiadou, Niovi Charalampous, Yiolanda Christodoulou, Loukia Pieridis, Elena Kallinikou
Translation: Anna Demetriou
Set Design: Eleni Ioannou
Costumes: Alexandra Petsetakis
Lighting Design: Martinos Thalasetis
Graphics: Andonis Moushis
Makeup: Melanie Christou
Hair: Sophia Demetriou| riahairdesign
Production Assistant: Armando Diego Aparicio
Photos: Nepheli Papadaki
Producer: Centre of Performing Arts MITOS

Duration: 60’

Tickets: € 15 / 12

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