Αχτίδα Φωτός|Σατιρικό Θέατρο

Αχτίδα Φωτός|Σατιρικό Θέατρο

Silver Lining - Sandi Toksvig Ι Satiriko Theatre  more

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Last event date: Tuesday, December 05 2023 8:30PM

At a retirement house in Gravesend, amidst a state of emergency due to severe weather conditions, five elderly women and their young female caretaker remain helpless, forgotten and trapped. On this dark and stormy night, they start sharing memories, secrets and concerns, remembering their wrongful and rightful lives. When they are suddenly faced with the realisation that no one will help them out, they decide to take their lives into their own hands and make their own “exodus”.

The Silver Lining is “a punch to the stomach” criticising the ills of our society, while satirically highlighting the voids of our system and its disregard towards a certain group of people who, for some, may be nothing but a burden, instead of being the pillar of our existence and legacy, ending up shunted aside and ignored.

Six wonderful women, abandoned to loneliness and sorrow, are struggling to survive. Amidst tensions, emotions and twists, but also with endless humour, they build up a meaningful relationship, which gradually develops due to the stressful floods, drawing on the strength of their knowledge and wisdom. Through their experience, they give life lessons while continuing to struggle for the future, in an attempt to choose the best path forward. To them, life must not end in entrapment and disregard. Being an elderly human does not mean being boring, unnecessary or “finished”.

Directed by: Neoklis Neokleous
Translated by: Marianna Kafkaridou, Estella Tembrioti
Set design: Savvas Mylonas
Costume design: Rea Olympiou
Music arrangement: Marianna Kafkaridou
Lighting design: Karolina Spyrou
Assistant director: Maria Pishili
Photographs/Trailer: Christina Tryfonos
Poster and programme design: Marios Christoforidis
Set construction: Yiorgos Christianopoulos

Cast: Despina Bebedeli, Lenia Sorokou, Popi Avraam, Erica Beyeti, Ioanna Shafkali, Chrystallenia Papadimitri, Michalis Anayiotos.

In Greek.

Duration: 110'

Tickets: €15 / 12 (supporters, students, pensioners)

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