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Two lives, one story. This is a lifetime journey that will unite two people who have their love for the arts as a driving force. Petros, the director of the Αrt School, will face a dilemma, as an unexpected phone call will shake him. His decision to become a foster parent of fifteen-year-old Semeli, will force him to reveal hidden secrets from the past to his wife and daughter. The new addition to the family will bring repeated conflicts that will disturb their lives. Ηaving love as a weapon, Petros will fight to bring balance to the family. Semeli is forced to make a new beginning in a completely unfamiliar house while, at the same time, she will have to endure Danae's extreme behaviour. Danae is Petros’ fifteen-year-old daughter. It is not easy for her to accept the new existence in their home. The arts, in a magical way, will bring their lives together and make any trace of rivalry vanish, as Semeli will now become an active member at Petros’ school.

Script, directing, choreography: Haris Christodoulou
Music teacher: Christina Papaioannou
Art direction: Haris Christodoulou
Production: Reflection of Dance & Art

Cast: Haris Christodoulou (Petros, director of the school), Christiana Theodorou (Ismini, Petros’ wife), Louisa Xenophontos (Danae, Petros’ daughter), Styliani Yagou (Semeli, foster daughter), Dimitris Konstantinidis (Phaedonas, social worker), Eleni Evagorou (Eleni, Danae’s friend), Soula Georgiou (Semeli’s mother).

Singing: Christina Stylianou, Christina Papaiwannou
Dancers: Students of the Reflection of Dance & Art school.
Violin: Victoria (Astoria Violin Show)

Duration: 120'

Tickets: €12

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