Cyprus Film Days 2023|Mountain Onion

Cyprus Film Days 2023|Mountain Onion

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Last event date: Tuesday, April 25 2023 8:00PM

11-year-old Jabai sells mountain onions alongside the highway and, one day, he catches his idol trucker having sex with his mother. Jabai and his sister, Saniya, embark on a journey from their small village in Kazakhstan to China, to obtain the only thing that will save their father and help him become a strong man, the ‘Golden Viagra’.

Eldar Shibanov was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan in a family of hereditary architects. He started working in the film industry in the art department. Since 2010, he has been making independent films with his mother, Yulia Levitskaya, and his brother, Dias Shibanov. Eldar participated in Berlinale Talents and the Asian Film Academy of Busan Film Festival, where he won a scholarship from Tsai Ming Liang. In 2018, his short film Sex, Fear and Hamburgers was selected at Venice Film Festival. In 2021, together with Yulia Levitskaya, he became a finalist at the Biennale Cinema College with the Mountain Onion project.

90', 2022 / Kazakhstan

Directed by Eldar Shibanov
Screenplay Eldar Shibanov, Yuliya Levitskaya
Cinematography Dias Shibanov
Editing Arseniy Abdrakhmanov
Production design Munissa Guliyeva
Sound design Ilya Gariyev
Cast Esil Amantay, Amina Gaziyeva, Zhazira Kaskey, Kuantay Abdimadi, Laura Tursunkanova, Sanjar Madi
ProducersYuliya Levitskaya, Dias Shibanov
Production company The applebox LLP

2022 Mountain Onion / Gornyi Luk

Tickets: €5

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