Δύο Ξεροκέφαλες Κουτάλες

Δύο Ξεροκέφαλες Κουτάλες


When the prince suddenly loses his appetite to eat and talk, the kingdom’s top chefs are ordered to prepare the most delicious meal. But their collaboration seems impossible! To find the solution, they travel to the Land of Thoughts where everyone’s thoughts are heard out loud. Two stubborn spoons is a story about friendship and respect for diversity, with a good dose of humour, original music and interaction with children!

In Greek

Text written by: Angelos Angelou, Emi Sini
Directing & Set design: Guy Stephanou
Music – orchestration: Angelos Angelou
Costume design: Kopernikos Theatre Group & Emi Sini
Lighting design: Kopernikos Theatre Group & Elissaios Vlachos
Cast: Antonis Gougios,Dimitris Dimitropoulos, Ioannis Mistakides

Sponsor: Medochemie

Media Sponsor: CyBC

Duration: 65’

Tickets: €10 / 5

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