"Dream On"

"Dream On"

Dance Show by Moving Arts Dance School

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Last event date: Sunday, June 26 2022 7:30PM

very person who has lived on this earth has experienced dreams, visible and invisible; beautiful or ugly, sweet dreams or nightmares. In our dream, we will meet and go through the same experiences and adventures. We will enter the magical garden with exotic flowers and birds, we'll meet the scary witches, will get lost in tangled pathways, play with our shadows, we will be chased by our nightmares and at the end, the women of fate will lead us with their magic rhythms, back to the safety of our home.

Concept: Natasa Georgiou
Choreographies: Melina Ioannidou
Costume Design: Natasa Georgiou

The net proceeds will be donated to unaccompanied refugee children

Τickets: € 12 / 7

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