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Last event date: Tuesday, March 28 2017 8:30PM

Τhe creators of Fear Industry (Rialto Premiere 2015, listed “Best Theater Performances on Berlin Stages” Zitty Magazine/Berlinale Issue) return to Cyprus with their new production. Taking place in the age of the “I” based on fiction, true stories and “alternative facts”, the performance entangles its players in a breathtaking mix of celebrities, dogmas, nationalistic ideals and heroic figures.

What if you were able to build a human being?

A person. Your very own individual. How would it turn out to be?

«Egoland.» is a Swedish-Cypriot-German Collaboration under the direction of Achim Wieland and the Dramaturgy of Marios Ioannou, which investigates our complex “Ego” and the subtle impersonal and global forces which leave us exposed and vulnerable to any new dogma, political movement, religion, populist sentiment or heroic figure. It explores the threshold in which we accept oppressive behavior, forfeit individual freedom for national interests, eventually – hiding within the larger “we” –– excuse even the most atrocious acts of injustice and violence.

The devised performance questions our motivations and choices to live as critical πολίτες (citizens) or to remain lost particles in a silent mass, pulsing to the rhythms of powerful forces we cannot understand, partake of, or reply to. «Egoland.» uses an interactive format to explore the intervention of the audience as a sample of civil courage. Starting as a classic monologue, the performer gradually allows the viewer to influence his actions, color his sentiments, and shape the path of the narrative – making the audience responsible for the outcome.

Concept / Direction: Achim Wieland

Dramaturgy / Artistic Advisor: Marios Ioannou

Performer: Martin Nick Alexandersson

Advisor History / Research: Rania Iakovou

Sript Adaptions / Text: Isabel Evers

Direction: Achim Wieland (Co-dramaturgy: Marios Ioannou)

Protagonist: Martin Nick Alexandersson.

In English. 

Tickets: €15 - 12

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