Ευρυδίκη | Sarah Ruhl

Ευρυδίκη | Sarah Ruhl

Dionysos Theatre

Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award nominee Sarah Ruhl draws inspiration from the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, retelling with humour and delicacy a contemporary version of the classic tale. A play of sounds, music and songs illustrating the power of love and the thin line separating life from death.

Translated by: Dimitris Tarlow
Directing/Movement/Choreography/Lyrics: Marios Mettis
Set and Costume design: Nikos Kouroushis
Music: Christina Georgiou
Lighting design: Cecilia Tselepidi
Cast: Georgina Tatsi, Yiannis Karaoulis, Vasilis Vasilakis, Marios Mettis, Eleonora Vasiliou, Pinelopi Vasiliou, Themis Ppolou.

Duration: 90'

Tickets: € 15 /€ 12

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