Addio Addio Amore - a piece for Pina

Addio Addio Amore - a piece for Pina

The performance Addio Addio Amore – A Piece for Pina is Daphnis Kokkinos’ creation. Daphnis Kokkinos worked with Pina Bausch for 24 years. And now, all these years and experiences gather together in this unique performance, which is full of the legendary choreographer’s energy and spirit. 

A one-way ticket on an expressive, reflective journey through Japan, India, Greece, France, South America, and most importantly, life. Daphnis Kokkinos gestures, opening his hands lightly, revealing stories, experiences, anecdotes, exchanges and dreams that he shared with late, Pina Bausch, in a passionate and moving dance theatre performance.

In his homage to Pina, Daphnis raises a glass, ‘chin chin…’ and draws on his worldliness to stimulate the audience with situations of humanity in his continuing exploration of human vicissitudes. His performance is an offering for all Pina gave in love, humanity, respect, humour and artistry to her colleagues, performers and the world.

This is the first time Daphnis has stepped out from the company to present his own work Addio Addio Amore - Α piece for Pina.

Performers: Daphnis Kokkinos, Maria Adamopoulou

In collaboration with Dance House Lemesos
Sponsored by: SCF Management Services
Media Sponsor: RIK

Running time 50’
Tickets: € 10 / 8

Daphnis Kokkinos will also present a special Modern Dance Workshop at Dance House Lemesos, on December 23rd (15:00-18:00). Participation registrations at, until December 15th.