Greetings from Vienna

Greetings from Vienna

Cyprus Symphony Orchestra

In 1868, Grove and Sullivan discovered Schubert’s forgotten scores of a play titled Rosamunde Fürstin von Zypern (1823) in Vienna, where the music was heard for the first time after many years, proving an instant success! Back in 1767, Mozart wrote to his father from Mannheim with regard to a commission for three flute concertos and four flute quartets: "It’s not surprising I have been unable to finish them, for you know I become quite powerless when I am obliged to write for an instrument I can't stand." However, not only did he eventually finish them, but and there are no signs whatsoever in them that he disliked the flute. Schubert wrote his Second Symphony at the age of 17, a truly remarkable work, which was decidedly grander in scale and outlook than his First Symphony.

F. Schubert: Excerpts from Rosamunde, Princess of Cyprus, D. 797
W. A. Mozart: Flute concerto no.1 in G major, K. 313
F. Schubert: Symphony no. 2 in B flat major, D. 125

Soloist: Philipp Jundt (flute), Conductor: Jens Georg Bachmann

Duration: 85'
Ticket prices: €12, €7 (18-26 yrs, pensioners), €5 (under 18 yrs)

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