Chorotheatro Omada Pente - Roula Kleovoulou
18:00 & 20:00

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Last event date: Saturday, May 15 2021 8:00PM

Amidst these gloomy, terrifying times, multiple questions and uncertainties are being raised. The fog generates an atmosphere that blurs and distorts both our vision and perception, symbolizing psychological uncertainty. It prevents us from “seeing clearly”. It is that disturbing confusion that one must experience before reaching clarity. A GREY AREA between reality and non-reality.

Choreography: Roula Kleovoulou
Music: Chris Cara
Costumes: Pantelis Panteli
Lighting design: Panayiotis Manousis

Performers: Magda Argyridou, Victoria Aristidou, Chloe Melidou, Sophia Barka, Alexia Nicolaou, Belinda Papavassiliou, Katerina Tylliridou

Duration: 45’

Tickets: €8 / 5

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