Heart of a Dog

Heart of a Dog

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The Russian Theatre Season in Cyprus presents Mikhail Bulgakov’s outstanding novel Heart of a Dog, staged by the Academic Drama Theatre of Vladimir, Russia.

Moscow 1924. Doctor A.F. Preobrazhensky conducts a dangerous medical experiment, implanting a human thyroid gland on a stray dog named Sharik, aiming to produce a new human model. However, the dog becomes transformed into an incapable and unbearable being that jeopardises the social position and the scientific status of its creator.

Through a series of extreme situations, the protagonists seesaw between comic and tragic, questioning power, social institutions, the boundaries of science and nature itself. The play maintains the authentic atmosphere of post-revolutionary Russia, portraying the socio-political conflicts and the psychological state of the period’s leading personalities, as well as the timeless character of symbols, circumstances and values.

Organisation: Russian Cultural Centre

In Russian with Greek and English subtitles

Duration: 160'

Tickets: €15 / 10 / 7