Η Γίδα ή Ποια είναι η Σύλβια

Η Γίδα ή Ποια είναι η Σύλβια


One of Edward Albee’s most acclaimed plays The Goat or Who Is Sylvia? (Tony Award, 2002) is a comedy about love and loss, testing the limits of our tolerance and our own existence. Martin Gray is a successful architect who leads an ideal life with his wife and teenage son. When he admits to his best friend that he is in love with Sylvia, a goat, his entire world begins to fall apart.

In Greek

Translation: Errikos Belies
Directed by: Marios Mettis
Costume and Set Design: Marina Hadjilouka
Cast: Andreas Vassiliou, Erica Begeti, Vasilis Vasilakis, Andreas Koutsoftas.

Duration: 90’ 
16 +

Tickets: €15 /12