Kiss of Luck

Kiss of Luck

A play by Dario Fo, Russian Theatre


A comedy based on the play La Marcolfa, by Nobel prize laureate Dario Fo, about Columbine a very poor lady who becomes the most attractive bride of Lombardy when she wins the lottery.

Columbine is very poor and far from being young.  When she wins the lottery, she becomes the most attractive bride of Lombardy and suitors are ready to forget all the women in the world and cut each other's throats! 

In 2013 at the festival "Amur autumn" Comedy "KISS of LUCK " received the Grand Prix of the festival in theatrical competition of entreprise performances.
The Chairman of the theater  jury, people's artist of Russia Alexander Shirvindt, handing the top prize, said that with the advent of the Internet and unlimited video recording functions, everybody start talking about death of the theatre... But nothing of these happened.
Audiences want to see performances alive, he saw these sitting in the middle of the watchers  and thanked the artists for their hard work and talent.

Genre: Comedy-farce in the classic style

In Russian
Duration: 120'
Tickets: € 40 / 35 / 30 / 25