La Bayadere - Royal Ballet

La Bayadere - Royal Ballet

Broadcast from Royal Opera House Cinema

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15.00 €
Balcony, Box Left, Box Right, Orchestra

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Broadcast live from the Royal Opera House, Natalia Makarova's production of this 19th-century classic ballet brings an exotic world of temple dancers and noble warriors to life. Nikiya, a temple dancer, is in love with the warrior Solor. The High Brahmin also desires Nikiya, and when she rejects him, he plans to take revenge on Solor. Well known composer Ludwig Minkus is considered to be one of the 'founding fathers' of Russian ballet music.

Danced by: Vadim Muntagirov, Natalia Osipova, Marianela Nuñez et al.

Duration: 165'

Tickets: €15 / 10

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