Lady Lazarus Reinvented

Lady Lazarus Reinvented

2nd National Monodrama Showcase, On Stage  more

Body, soul, and spirit. The disassociation between body and soul, the alienation of the soul and spirit. The eternal struggle between good and evil, to be or not to be. The daily resurrection from death, the resurrection from wounds of disappointment, devastation and of the darkness. One in three, three in one. Three women, three bodies one lady Lazarus. The subconscious biography of the suicidal experience Sylvia Plath went through.

Poem: Sylvia Plath
Idea/Directing : Monika Meleki
Choreographies: Roza Maria Pantzi
Music supervisor: Roza Maria Pantzi
Visual supervising: Sophia Hadjipapa
Motion Design & Film Production:Demetra Egglezou
Film Production assistant: Stelios Papageorgiou
Photographer: Sophocles Kaskaounias
Lighting Design : Miroslav Stanchev
Technical Support: Diana Koitcheva

Performed by: Speech: Monika Meleki, Movement: Roza Maria Pantzi, Voice: Venera Meleki

Co-organised with: ΜONOdramaCYprus Artistic Company

Tickets: €7 / 5 (€10 all-day pass)