Cyprus Rialto World Music

Larva draws inspiration from Cypriot folk melodies and rhythms merged with Western musical elements. Adopting a new approach that revisits tradition, the band performs its own original compositions with influences from the world and jazz music genres. Larva transforms ideas that emanate from the past into contemporary sounds, in an entirely new format; just like the metamorphosis of larva in nature.

Larva will present some of their own compositions and arrangements of Cypriot Folk songs influenced from world and jazz music. The project aims to express a personal musical identity by transforming ideas that emanate from the past into contemporary sounds, giving a completely new format in their style of music. Marios Menelaou will be joining the duo as a guest, on electric bass.

Vassilis Philippou - piano, percussion, ney, voice / Alexis Kasinos - guitar , Guest: Marios Menelaou - bass

General instructions for the audience:

To ensure the safety of all attendees, viewers must pre-book their seats, either online at or by calling the Rialto’s box office (Mon-Fri 10:00-13:00).

To avoid overcrowding, the viewers are kindly requested to arrive on time.

July @ SEK Parking Place (behind Rialto) at 21:00

Free Entrance / Tickets must be obtained

Info: 77 77 77 45

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