Λόγια στο Στόμα-Kieran Hurley

Λόγια στο Στόμα-Kieran Hurley

Kieran’s Hurley play Mouthpiece. In Greek I On stage (15+)

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Last event date: Wednesday, March 29 2023 8:30PM

A play by award-winning author Kieran Hurley, presented by Ferefono Theatre Group, for the first time in the Greek language. Directed by Maria Kyriakou and translated by Marios Constandinou.

Cast: Melanie Steliou and Andreas Daniel.

Edinburgh. A random encounter. Two completely different people. Declan inspires Libby to start writing again. Libby gives Declan hope. Declan tells Libby his story. Libby gives a voice to Declan. And what happens next…

Set & costume design: Constandina Andreou
Music: Panos Bartzis
Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris
Photographer: Demetris Loutsios

Duration: 90'

Tickets: €15 / 12

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