Mountain - Asomates Dynameis

Mountain - Asomates Dynameis

A piece about tolerance, compassion, spiritual quest. A journey of profound inner ascension, marking the pursuit of meaning and our desire to connect with ourselves and the other. Four people unfold their stories, leaving a mark of their own personal path. In them, we recognize pieces of ourselves. Despite being seemingly different, our paths are common. The human chain continues to ascend, crossing places that are at times dark and rough, at times luminous and transcendent.

Concept / Choreography / Direction: Andromachi Dimitriadou Lindahl
Music: Constantina Polychronopoulou
Costume / set design: Elena Katsouri
Lighting design: Yiorgos Lazoglou
Dancers / co-creators: Loizos Constantinou, Fouli Stylianidou, Ivi Hadjivasiliou, Yiannis Economides.

Within the framework of the Terpsichore 2018 programme for choreographic research and dance development of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus.

Tickets: € 12 / 8