Μουσικές Ιστορίες - Σόλων Μιχαηλίδης

Μουσικές Ιστορίες - Σόλων Μιχαηλίδης

Cyprus Symphony Orchestra

The concert Musical Stories presents two works by Solon Michaelides and three works by F. Mendelssohn, L. Delibes and Z. Kodály supporting a single story.

Emotionally rich, the works In Memoriam and Suite Archaïque by S. Michaelides carry a familiar, melodic and harmonic content. The works by Delibes, Mendelssohn and Kodály will indulge your imagination with extraordinary musical stories about a king, a water nymph (The fair Melusine) and evocations of summer nights, brought to life through a kaleidoscope of captivating melodies and pulsating orchestral colours.

Conductor: Liza Xanthopoulou

Duration: 90'
Ticket prices: €12, €7 (18-26 yrs, pensioners), €5 (under 18)

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