Μποφίλιου - Εν Λευκώ Live

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25.00 € - 30.00 €
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A new proposal featuring the explosive stage presence of Natassa Bofiliou brings the beat of big open-air concerts to the heart of winter. The exciting songs of the most dynamic and unpredictable trio will resonate across the Rialto.

Themis Karamouratides: orchestration/piano
Gerasimos Evangelatos: programme curation
Aris Zervas: cello
Yiorgos Bouldis: double bass, electric bass, synth bass
Yiorgos Kardianos: electric and acoustic guitar
Manolis Yiannikios: drums
Yiorgos Kastanos: saxophone, clarinette
Nikos Mermingas: bouzouki, lavta, lute
Mathaios Boumbaris: accordeon


Tickets: €30 - €25 Α’ Zone | €25 - €20 Β’ Zone