Tin City by Evgenia Fakinou, “KYPRIA” International Festival

A mystical town, wacky and magical, wakes up when everyone is asleep. The famous NTENEKEDOUPOLI (a town of cans), is not like any other town. It is not made of bricks, stone, cement or even glass. It is a town made entirely out of cans. The local inhabitants are of course, what else but cans! Empty, rusty, old cans. Thrown and forgotten on a dump, they decide to build their own community to live in peace. Some of the residents have unusual names, Sardine, Militsa, Voutirenia and Okay-bam-bam. Sardine used to carry sardines. Militsa carried canned apples, Vouterenia had butter and Okay –bam-bam had Coca-Cola.

They lived happily in Ntenekedoupoli until one day…

A revolutionary story, with a deep social and political message, given with plenty of humour and imagination. A classical epic, in a picturesque setting, where the story unravels via the imaginative use of music, visual effects and acting.]

Please mind the gap between Ntenekedoupoli and reality!

Direction: Irene Andronikou

Starring Irene Andronikou, Anthony Papamichael, Ivie Nicolaides et al/Cyprus

Duration: 75 minutes without a break/ 4+

Tickets: €10 / 8 / 5

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