Ο Έλιοτ στον Πλανήτη του Χορού

Ο Έλιοτ στον Πλανήτη του Χορού


Dancecyprus, in collaboration with the Rialto Theatre, presents as part of its educational program the production "Eliot on the Planet of Dance". This is the journey through the eyes of a young boy, Elliot in this case, to the enchanting planet of dance. The aim of the organizers is to acquaint and promote dance at young audience that does not have the opportunity to attend dance performances and especially among children aiming to educate not only tomorrow's dancers but also to expand even more the dancing friends.

The performance is supported by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Α special opportunity for the whole family to enjoy a colorful and vibrant performance by 8 talented choreographers from all over Cyprus along with 40 Dancecyprus Juniors members presenting Classical ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Street Dance, Latin, Indian, Theatre Dance and Flamenco.

Choreographers: Kalia Papaphilippou (Ballet), Margarita Makridou (Neoclassical), Tarsia Economidou (Contemporary), Koula Herodotou (Latin), Polina Panayiotou (Theatre Dance), Michalis Varnakides Rebel Dancers (Street Dance) as well as Guest dancers Maria Gerasimou (ballet), Diana Simillidou (Indian and choreography), Andres El Canoso (Flamenco and choreography), ‘Bboy Soul’ (Street Dance).  Music includes compositions from Vivaldi, Bach, Benny Goodman, from the musical Hairspray, Latin music by Mark Anthony and more.

Duration: 75'

Tickets: €8

Extra performance: Nicosia - Satiriko Theatre  / Saturday 25 November 2017, 11:30

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