Ο Καθρέφτης Επί Σκηνής

Ο Καθρέφτης Επί Σκηνής

A Mirror, FlashArt@Rialto 2  more

A performance about the loneliness and social isolation that we have been experiencing these days, the meaning of loneliness rendered both through stories of people living among us, as well as through Loneliness itself.

“I am walking around the theatre. Not because I have nothing else to do, but rather because I want to talk to you. What is greater than this space, where “seeing” is at its heart, where I will see you but you will also see me. Let’s look in the mirror, be honest for once, just for once, be true, not fake, not incomplete. You will become my mirror and I will become yours. You are most welcome to follow me”.

Text: Eleftheriakos (Ilias Vagenas)
Performance – Adaptation in the Cypriot dialect: Yiolanda Christodoulou
Music composition / Electric guitar: Yiorgos Bizios
Live sound design: Dimitris Savva
Photography: Andreas Ieridis

Duration: 40’
Tickets: €12 / 10