Ο Κλήρος του Μεσημεριού

Ο Κλήρος του Μεσημεριού

Dionysos Theatre

Set on the deck of a ship in the Indian ocean, bound for China, the play tells the story of four passengers on a quest to find their inner self, driven by a passion for romance that dwells within. The play is Paul Claudel’s autobiographical work, attesting his immense intellect, unrivalled style and captivating language. A story about love, faith and life: full of questions, twists, irony and passion.

Translated, adapted to stage and directed by: Leandros Taliotis
Costume and Set Design: Nikos Kouroushis
Music: Andreas Moustoukis
Movement: Hamilton Monteiro
Lighting design: Stavros Tartaris
Assistant director - set designer assistant: Andria Evagorou
Cast: Georgina Tatsi, Alexandros Parisis, Panos Makris, Leandros Taliotis 

Duration: 80'

Tickets: € 15 / 12 

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