As World War ll rages, we follow the life of nine-year-old Petros into puberty in Athens of 1940-1944. In the midst of this new situation, Petros will set off on a long walk full of adventure, emotions, new experiences and knowledge that will enrich his soul and through which he will learn to love his country. School closes, his uncle Angelos sets off to war and his mother counts what food they have. Petros lives the first victories, the German’s entry into Athens, the occupation and the hunger. In the company of Yiannis and Soteris he protests, writes slogans on the walls, meets Achilleas and Drosoula and participates in the resistance.

Director Takis Tzamargias notes: “Our performance in Cyprus aspires to bring into focus how the lives of the children of the whole world are overturned from one moment to the next, and the way in which they witness and become victims of a world that is increasingly becoming more violent. Alki Zei’s work comes to life on THOC’s stage and even though it pertains to the horrors of war and the occupation in Athens, it acquires an international dimension for all children of the world. A violent path to maturity.”

Direction: Takis Tzamargias
Adaptation: Savvas Kyriakides, Takis Tzamargias
Set-Costume Design: Edouardos Georgiou
Music: Demetris Zavros
Song verses: Demetris Zavros, Nevi Kanina
Music Instruction:Christina Argyri
Movement: Elena Christodoulidou
Video Art: Christos Demas
Lighting Design: Georgios Koukoumas
Sound Design: Giorgos Christofi

Cast: Elias Andreou, Andreas Vassiliou, Fani Georgakopoulou, Anna Giagkiozi, Andrea Demetriou, Mikaella Theodoulidou, Stelios Kallistratis, Andreas Makris, Demetris Mahairas, Dina Michaelidi, Sotos Stavrakis, Victoria Fota, Antonis Hadzis

As Petros, Yiannis Karaoulis

With English and Turkish surtitles. (only at 17:00)

Duration: 120'
Tickets: €6

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