Οι Ελεγείες του Ρεμπέτικου - Μιχάλης Τερζής

Οι Ελεγείες του Ρεμπέτικου - Μιχάλης Τερζής

Michalis Terzis - 17. Etudes For Piano


Prominent Greek Cypriot pianist, Elena Mouzala, gives an interesting and unique artistic dimension presenting the music work by :

Michalis Terzis "The Elegies Of Rebetico» 17. Etudes For Piano.Op.27  

Transcribed and harmonized  by Michalis Terzis into piano scores, the 17 songs have been written by Greek composers such as Tsitsanis, Vamvakaris, Papaioannou and others, as a tribute to the renowned musicians and their everlasting work.

Rebetiko songs derive from the pure folk character of their creators who, despite the absence of music education, wrote exceptional pieces relying on their instinct and life experience, marked by the hardships of their time: uprooting, war, persecution, poverty, social injustice and contempt.

The story of the composers and their songs is narrated by Kyriaki Chelioti.

Duration: 90'

Tickets: € 12 / 8