Πανικός στο Υπουργείο

Πανικός στο Υπουργείο

Kypria International Festival 2020

The comedy “Panic hits the Ministry” takes place in the office of the Minister of Education of France, where six characters, looking for love in their own personal way, come together. The love – stricken Μinister, Louis, is desperately trying to hide from his wife, Michele, who refuses to give him a divorce. His high-powered chief of staff, divorced and single parent, Gabrielle, has only her work at the ministry to live for. Even her daughter Sarah, who demands her independence and often clashes with her, is not at the top of her priorities. Deeply disappointed from the male species, Gabrielle hasn’t had an adventure for quite some time, in sharp contrast to her mother, Cecile, who still retains the joy of life and refuses to grow old gracefully. When Eric, a young clerk, starts working at the ministry Gabrielle’s safe little world falls apart.

Director: Agis Paikos

Cast: Yiorgos Anagiotos, Fanny Petsa, Popi Avraam, Eleonora Serena, Alexandros Martides, Electra Photiades

Part of Kypria International Festival 2020

Duration: 80’

Tickets: € 15/10

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