Within the framework of the IV International Theater Festival “Five Evenings in Cyprus”

Ticket types

25.00 €
Balcony, Box Left, Box Right, Orchestra

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The play was written by Nina Sadur, according to the novel of Gogol N.V. “Viy”. The author’s idea is combined into the sense of mysterious reflections of Gogol about the love nature and the beliefs of the modern woman who possesses her own point of view concerning the sense of the love and what position it takes in the life. Pannochka is always silent, but like nature and woman feeling forces, being expected of something unusual she turns out everywhere.

The main character is a well-educated man Khoma Brut from Kieyevskaya bursa (region). He is always organizing feasts and celebrations where jokes of the local (steading) hilarious Cossacks can be frightening, but make philosophy concept’s sense and response to some very important questions of life and death, the existence of other world , kindness and evil, the love between a man and a woman, seeking for knowledge and miracle expectation.

Duration: 1 hour 40 min.

The chief director-“high achiever in culture sphere”- Lutsiva O.B.
Producer-director- The chief director-“high achiever in culture sphere”- Lutsiva O.B.
Artistical director- N.Menshchikova
Musical arrangement- V. Ovchinnikov
Ballet-master(Choreographer)- E.Rann

Characters in the play:
Yavtukh – an old Cossack
Viktor Krylov –Honoured culture worker
Spirid, a middle-aged Cossack Andrey Krasnoshtanov
Dorosh, a young Cossack- Stanislav Tavgen
Khoma Brut, the philosopher of the Kieyevskaya region (bursa)
Pannochka, she is also an old woman- Mariya Magzumova
Khvaska,a middle-aged woman- Ludmila Skuratova, Honoured culture worker
Nadezhda Sleptsova, Honoured culture worker

Otherworldly creatures- actors of the theatre

The play is lead by Svetlana Zharikova The head of the theatre –B.C. Bakhtygereyev, Honoured culture worker.

Tickets: €25 / 20