Performing Silence|FlashArt2023

Performing Silence|FlashArt2023

Artistic Direction: Petros Konnaris

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Last event date: Wednesday, September 20 2023 8:30PM

There is something very touching in spending time to observe small details and figure out what else lies underneath the surface. To observe the hands travelling to each other, to listen to a deep breath below the mask, to accompany one’s journey to preciousness and _______.

Performing Silence is a research project exploring how to listen to something subtle that is present but not shouting, a softness that is usually oversaturated by noise and loudness.

Two years after the first presentations in Nicosia (at ex Drive Drive) and the 8hour performance at the Cyprus Pavilion Anachoresis: Upon Inhabiting Distances of the 17th Architecture Venice Biennale, the ten performers meet all together at the Rialto Theatre in a process of exploring the density of silence, as well as activating the silent and unseen moments.

During this 1h, you are invited to walk around, pay attention to the silence and those unseen moments, wait, take a deep breath, listen, and be active even when you are silent and standing still.

Artistic Direction: Petros Konnaris
With: Eleana Alexandrou, Georgia Andreou, Pascal Caron, Athina Georgiou, Annie Khoury, Marilena Kyriacou, Kalia Maliali, Arianna Marcoulides, Despina Michaelidou, Alexis Vassiliou
Dramaturgy: Rodia Vomvolou
Sound design: Panos Bartzis
Visual Art Installation: Kyriakos Theocharous
Process-based artefacts: Evagoras Vanezis, Petros Konnaris
Photo by: Pavlos Vrionides

* In the frame of the performance, the book “Performing Silence: Process based artefact #3” will be sold at a special price.

Supported by Youth Board of Cyprus and the Rialto Theatre.

The project was funded by the 2021 Terpsichori Programme of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth.

Duration: 60‘

Tickets:€ 12 / 10

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Vassilis Philippou, Nikolas Tsangaris, @SEK Parking Place

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