Ponerse Las Pilas

Ponerse Las Pilas

Compania Flamenca Filippa  more

Filippa Stylianoude interweaves traditional and experimental flamenco in a show inspired from real life as well as from timeless issues like war, social misfortune and withdrawal as well as emotional suppression, juxtaposed to the hope and love that may rise again from the pain.

Concept/Choreography/Stage direction: Philippa Stylianoude

Contributors: Sarray Muñoz Barrul (vocals), Jose Hernandez (guitar), Rafael Jimenez Silva (percussions/cajon), Norberto Chamizo (dance), Philippa Stylianoude (dance), David Serrano (dance),  Xenia Nikolaou(dance), Magda Argyridou(dance),  Nicole Yiannaka(dance).

Duration: 80'  

Tickets: €25 / 20 (Students, Supporters, Choreographers, Dancers, Dance Teachers)