Provincial jokes

Provincial jokes

Language of performance – Russian.

Duration 2 hours 20 minutes with intermission.

Tickets: €40 / 35 / 30

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Last event date: Tuesday, April 05 2016 7:00PM

The wonderful play of Soviet playwrighter Alexander Vampilov about unselfishness, kindness  and repentance.

The action takes place in the 60-th years of the last century in one small Russian town.  The characters accidentally  find themselves together in  hotel TAYGA.

Administrator of  the provincial hotel  think that one of the guests is very important  official from Moscow. How will end this confusion story? A funny situation in which heros  of the play find themselves  ultimately leads to an unexpected and dramatic finale.

The performance involves well-known actors of theatre and cinema: people's artists of Russia Boris Nevzorov, Alexandr Pashutin, Olga Naumenko and other.



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