Retrospective Jerome Bel

Retrospective Jerome Bel

Open House Festival

For his twentieth piece, instead of creating a new choreographic production, Jérôme Bel casts a subjective eye over his previous work. Drawing inspiration from his own video archive, he creates a new work by selecting twenty choreographies to bring out his central preoccupations (body, language, culture, power, vulnerability…), by focusing on the issue of linkage between dance and politics.

Jérôme Bel is one of the most acclaimed artists of our times and this digital composition possibly gives answers to the eternal question: “What is Dance?”

Concept : Jérôme Bel
Assistants : Maxime Kurvers, Chiara Gallerani
Images : Céline Bozon, Pierre Dupouey, Aldo Lee, Olivier Lemaire, Marie-Hélène Rebois
Editing : Yaël Bitton, Oliver Vulliamy

*The screening contains nudity / Suitable 18+, Duration: 85’

Co-organised by the Rialto Theatre and Dance House Lemesos

General instructions for the audience: To ensure the safety of all attendees, viewers must prebooked their seats, either online at or by calling the Rialto’s box office (Mon-Fri 10:00 -15:00).

The audience is required to wear a face mask when entering, exiting or moving inside the premises.

Rialto Theatre, Sunday 4 October, 11:00
Information / Reseration: 77 77 77 45
Tickets: € 8
FB: Dance House Lemesos
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