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Acclaimed Cypriot musicians Michalis Kouloumis and Petros Kouloumis are the new artistic directors of Rialto Residency 2024. Drawing on the collaboration of 10 selected young and talented Cypriot musicians, Michalis and Petros Kouloumis will work around two main axes they have engaged with across their fertile creative route: the study and interpretation of the repertoire of the Cypriot tradition (instrumental dances, voices and songs), and contemporary Cypriot music.

The Residency outcome will be presented in a concert on Saturday, July 6th, at 19:00, at Glafkos Clerides Square, Platres.

Artistic direction, coordination: Michalis Kouloumis & Petros Kouloumis.

Michalis Kouloumis – violin, voice, artistic direction
Petros Kouloumis – voice, lute, artistic direction
Kyriakos Markoullis – lute, voice
Christos Isidorou – pithkiavlin (traditional Cypriot flute), lavta
Dimitris Pichas – double bass
Yiannis Mathaiou – violin
Irineos Dimitriou - violin
Elena Nicolaou – voice
Yiannis Laoutaris – voice, percussions
Andreas Smagas – oud
Stephanos Hadjiandreou – violin
Anastasia Kozakou – santur

19th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival @ Heroes’ Square

Free Entrance

With the collaboration: Limassol Municipality, Platres Community Council.

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