Τα Ωραιότερα Τραγουδια της Μπουάτ

Τα Ωραιότερα Τραγουδια της Μπουάτ

Beloved songs of the Greek boite era

A concert presenting some of the most legendary songs of the Greek New Wave movement and the Athenian “boites” of the 60-70s, such as Apanemia and Esperides. A musical journey to the nostalgic atmosphere of these tiny spaces, where friends and softly-whispered love songs take the lead.

A compilation of our heart’s most beloved songs written by some of the greatest Greek composers.

Singing: Elena Yiannakou, Christos Shaelis
Bouzouki: Theodoulos Paraskevaidis 
Acoustic bass: Ioannis Karseras
Music supervision / Piano: Antonis Polykarpou
Selection of songs and artistic curation: Michalis Pourgouridis

Duration: 75’
Tickets: €12/10