Takoushis - Karapatakis Project

Takoushis - Karapatakis Project


Two Cypriot performers, Marios Takoushis and Gabriel Karapatakis join forces in a pioneering and innovative group, Takoushis - Karapatakis project, in which they will present their new album at Rialto Theatre on April 4, Colours of Another Sky inspired by Mediterranean culture and tradition.    

In this project they collaborate with David Lynch one of the most important contemporary musicians of the musical industry in Greece, Zacharias Spyridakis a charismatic Cretan Lyra performer and Stelios Xidias and exceptional drummer from Cyprus. They managed successfully to bring two worlds together, traditional music, with elements of Cyprus, Crete, Greece and Mikra Asia and jazz, keeping the elements of interaction, improvisation and freedom of expression.

They use musical instruments such as the clarinet, accordion, violin and traditional Cretan lyre. The coexistence of these bodies together with piano, electric fretless bass, saxophone and drums gives a special dimension.

The group has already released 3 cd’s and they have become inspiration for young musicians in the country, raising the bar high, having already released three albums. They have opened new horizons for the island's jazz scene since they are the first to participate in the European Festival in Athens as in EUNIC Jazz Festival of Berlin.

Marios Takoushis - piano
Gabriel Karapatakis - fretless bass
David Lynch - tenor and soprano saxophones Zacharias Spyridakis - Cretan lyra
Stelios Xidias – drums

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