"Το αγόρι απο την Ontence"

"Το αγόρι απο την Ontence"

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Last event date: Monday, July 03 2023 8:30PM

The life of the great storyteller Hans Christian Andersen is brought to life by dancers in a unique performance at Rialto Theater. His magnificent stories along with the music and costumes bring magic to the stage. The stories are full of love, fantasy and expression. Even though died long ago, his fairytales continue to delight new generations. Here are some of his greatest stories you will enjoy:

The Nightingale, The Little Match Girl, The Red Shoes, The Ugly Duckling, The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Flying Trunk, The Princess and The Pea.

His stories are accessible to all ages. Adults and children alike can both enjoy and be immersed in his tales. For the famous Danish writer myth and reality are the two aspects of life.

Scenario, choreographies, direction: Sophie Georgiadou
Hans Christian Andersen: Andreas Vryonides
Choreographies in Little Ida’s Flowers and the Dolls: Margarita Andreou Loizidou and Danae Loizidou
Teaching and Music adaptation of Lacrimosa: Konstantina Loizou

Tickets: € 10

Duration: 90’

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Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival 2024, performance installation exhibition by Suzana Phialas

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