Βάρκα στο Γυαλό/Θεατρική Πορεία

Βάρκα στο Γυαλό/Θεατρική Πορεία

Theatre and music performance

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Last event date: Sunday, October 24 2021 8:30PM

A performance based on the book of the same title, written by Maro Thodoraki, the niece of Mikis Thodorakis, centered around the unknown childhood of the great Greek composer, presenting moments, images and milestones in the life of the world-renowned musician, as well as of modern Greek history.

With Epilogi vocal ensembles conducted by Michalis Gregoriou

Directed by: Adonis Florides.
On stage: Koulis Kafkalias, Christos Charitou, Matina Lamari (actors) and Michalis Mozoras, Yiorgos Papadopoulos, Maria Georgiou (musicians).

Duration: 70'
Tickets: €10 / 5

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