OPEN CALL - 2nd National Monodrama Showcase

The Rialto Theatre and the artistic company monoCY announce the organisation of the 2nd National Monodrama Showcase for Cypriot Artists, which will take place at the Rialto Theatre on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of March 2019.

Further to the successful organisation of the first National Monodrama Showcase for Cypriot Artists in 2016, within the framework of Pafos2017 – European Capital of Culture, and the positive response both from the public and the artists themselves, the 2nd National Monodrama Showcase 2019 offers the possibility to artists residing in Cyprus and working on this unique theatrical genre, to present their most recent piece in this 3-day Showcase.


1. The call is open to Monodrama theatre companies, groups and artists who wish to present a theatrical piece in Greek.
2. All performances must have premiered after the 1st of January 2018 and must be preferably presented for the first time in Limassol, in order to ensure the interest of the audience.
3. Performances must have a running time of at least 35 minutes, yet not exceed 75 minutes.
4. The submitted proposals will be evaluated and selected by a committee consisting of organisers’ representatives and a prominent figure from the theatre scene.
5. The interested parties must send the material set below before the 15th of December 2018:
- Application form;
- Monodrama synopsis and details;
- Biographies of participants;
- Video on DVD or video link, if applicable.

*In case the piece consists of a new project, artists are requested to also send a video or other material from previous projects.

The organisers shall provide basic technical support, the possibility of one final rehearsal and shall ensure the promotion and advertising of the event as a whole. Each production shall receive the amount of €500 as a minimum remuneration.

To request more information and to send your application, please contact