1. The bands participate in the festival with authentic and original music in the broader field of improvisational music (jazz, world, ethnic, electro etc.).

2. Each participating musician will receive a nominal fee of €150. Organisers will assume and cover production expenditure, front-of-house (FOH) and foldback mixing, lighting, printed material and promotion. No musician is allowed to participate in more than two bands, in which case the nominal fee increases to €200. It is noted that no other expenses in Cyprus (accommodation, meals etc.) will be covered.

3.The participating bands will be assigned by a three-member review and selection committee, composed of one representative of each organizing partner. A maximum number of ten (10) bands will perform. Organisers may select a band to perform to any parallel event as part of the Showcase.

4.The composition of each band’s member must be consistent with the application form (i.e. name and surname - musical instrument). A musician may not participate in more than two bands. 

5.The program and order of appearance of each band is determined by the organisers. Each performance will not exceed 30 minutes.

6.Participating bands will also take part in the educational program of the event.

7.Concerts are recorded, taped and photographed under the responsibility of the organisers who may use the relevant material for promotional purposes (not for commercial use). Each band will be given a copy of said material.

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