25 Χρόνια Ριάλτο

25 Χρόνια Ριάλτο

Stamatis Kraounakis, Opening with Krama Brass Band

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Last event date: Wednesday, May 15 2024 8:00PM

Foremost Greek composer and loyal friend of the Rialto, Stamatis Kraounakis, accompanied by an array of virtuoso instrumentalists, presents a special repertoire on the occasion of the Rialto Theatre’s 25th year anniversary. Musicians: Dimitrios Andreadis (piano, keys) | Nicos Katsikis (bouzouki), Lambros Papanicolaou (double bass).

Message by Stamatis Kraounakis
Ever since I remember myself in Cyprus, the Rialto has stood by me and my songs. It has been to us a warm embrace that have kept us alive and standing next to our beloved friends in this corner of the Mediterranean soul. I am delighted and honoured to participate in the celebrations for its 25th anniversary. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to Georgia Doetzer for her support to this day, and all the best to the new director.

Krama Brass Band was established in 2023 by two Cypriot musicians, Andreas Theocharous and Nicholas Georgiou, and consists of six wind instruments, a guitar and drums. Krama is inspired by the concept of combinaCon of elements and cultures: the alloy as a material of the brass instruments, and the blend of Mediterranean and Western music. Krama’s intention is the composition and performance of original music that combines traditional music of the Mediterranean region with Western music, with an emphasis on retaining the stylistic features of traditional music.

Nicholas Georgiou: Alto Saxophone, Marios Charalampous: Tenor Saxophone, Giorgos El Haber: Trumpet, Rafael Orfanidis: Trumpet, Vangelis Drouliskos: Trombone, Alexandros Adam: Guitar, Andreas Theocharous: Tuba, Nikolas Tsangaris: Drums

Duration: 120'

Tickets: € 12 /10

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