Aida - The MET Live in HD

Aida - The MET Live in HD

Giuseppe Verdi, Live broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera

The Metropolitan Opera’s award-winning series of live high-definition cinema simulcasts in 70 countries on 6 continents will begin its 13th season with Verdi’s grand production of Aida, starring one of the world’s most acclaimed sopranos, Anna Netrebko. It is worth mentioning that the Rialto Theater introduced the program The Met: Live in HD to Cyprus on December 2012, again with the classic masterpiece of Verdi Aida. 

In what should be a highlight of the new season, soprano Anna Netrebko sings her first Met Aida, going toe-to-toe with mezzo-soprano Anita Rachvelishvili as Amneris. Together with her Aleksandrs Antonenko, Quinn Kelsey, Ryan Speedo Green. 

World Premiere: Opera House, Cairo, 1871. This grandest of grand operas features an epic backdrop for what is in essence an intimate love story. Set in ancient Egypt and packed with magnificent choruses, complex ensembles, and elaborate ballets, Aida never loses sight of its three protagonists. Few operas have matched Aida in its exploration of the conflict of private emotion and public duty, and perhaps no other has remained to the present day so unanimously appreciated by audiences and critics alike.

In a remarkable career spanning six decades in the theater, Giuseppe Verdi (1813–1901) composed 28 operas, at least half of which are at the core of today’s repertoire. His role in Italy’s cultural and political development has made him an icon in his native country. The story of Aida is thought to be the creation of Auguste Mariette (1821–1881), an extraordinary French archaeologist who was the founder of the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. Camille du Locle (1832–1903), who collaborated on the scenario with Mariette and suggested the story to Verdi, had worked with the composer on the libretto of Don Carlos. Aida’s librettist, Antonio Ghislanzoni (1824–1893), was a novelist and poet as well as the creator of some 85 libretti.

PRODUCTION: Sonja Frisell
SET DESIGNER: Gianni Quaranta
CHOREOGRAPHER: Alexei Ratmansky

Setting: The libretto indicates merely that the opera takes place in “ancient Egypt, in the time of the pharaohs.” This may sound vague, but it was a clear direction to approach the drama as myth rather than anthropology or history.

Music: The score of Aida is a sophisticated example of Italian Romanticism, imbued with a convincingly mysterious and exotic hue. Making no claims to authenticity, Verdi created a unique musical palette for this opera. The grandeur of the subject is aptly conveyed with huge patriotic choruses, most notably the unforgettable Triumphal Scene in Act II. These public moments often serve as frames for the solos of the leading tenor and soprano: his soaring “Celeste Aida” right at the beginning of Act I, her impassioned “Ritorna vincitor!” that follows, and her great internal journey, “Qui Radamès verrà! … O patria mia” in Act III.

Live broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera - In Italian, with Greek and English subtitles 

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Running time 216’
Tickets: €18-14

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