Alarme|Θέατρο Άττις

Alarme|Θέατρο Άττις

Attis Theatre

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Last event date: Saturday, November 25 2023 8:30PM

Alarme is a scenic composition based on the correspondence between Maria Stewart and Queen Elizabeth A’, illustrating the love-hatred relationship between the two queens who, in reality, never really met. Terzopoulos’ work revolves around the much relevant topic of power.

In Greek with English subtitles.

Direction / Set installation / Dramaturgical composition: Theodoros Terzopoulos
Costumes: LOUKIA, Music: Panayiotis Velianitis
Lighting: Theodoros Terzopoulos, Constantinos Bethanis

Cast: Aglaia Pappa, Sophia Hill, Tasos Dimas

Duration: 60'

Tickets: € 20 / 15

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