Άνθρωποι και Ποντίκια - Σατιρικό Θέατρο

Άνθρωποι και Ποντίκια - Σατιρικό Θέατρο

The emblematic work of Pulitzer and Nobel Prize-winning author, John Steinbeck, adapted for stage, TV and cinema, is considered to be one of the masterpieces of the 20th-century world literature.

During the Great Depression in the United States, quick-witted George, together with gigantic yet simple Lennie, move from place to place in search of new job opportunities. Their dream is to settle down on their own paradise, a piece of land, and live freely. 

Translation/Directing: Stelios Kafkarides

Duration: 120'

Tickets: €15 /12 

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