CCDF 23|Forever

CCDF 23|Forever

Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival 2023, 8+

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Last event date: Thursday, June 29 2023 8:30PM

29 THU 20:30 (60’)
Forever | Tabea Martin

What if we all lived forever? The dream of a life after death has always inspired humans. Numerous fairy tales and legends deal with death, resurrection or eternal life. Greek mythology created immortal gods, animals, monsters and giants with supernatural powers. What do children think about life and death, about dying and immortality? To what extent may and can children be confronted with this topic?

There are many ways to make yourself immortal: starting a family, creating artistic works, leaving a political legacy. Limited by our own death, we try in various ways to create a continuity that remains once our own life ends.

Children have a gift of dealing with topics in a playful manner. Through interviews, games and workshops, the ideas and fantasies of children between the ages of 8 and 12 about life and death, about dying and immortality were awakened. The resulting material was then translated by five professional dancers. Forever creates a world of immortality in which creatures are brought to life by children’s fantasies. A visual, joyful, sensitive and moving journey through a visual language about what would be if we all lived forever.

Forever is part of a trilogy of productions by Tabea Martin on the topic of transience. This Is My Last Dance (premiere February 2018) deals with the transience of one’s own body, with the experience of the final state. Forever playfully looks at our ideas of a life after death, the desire for an infinite life. In 2020, the project Nothing Left will follow, in which the death of others is to be illuminated and investigated.

Choreography: Tabea Martin
Choreographic assistance: Laetitia Kohler
Dance: Tamara Gvozdenovic, Emeric Rabot, Benjamin Lindh, Daniel Staaf, Miguel do Vale
Stage design: Veronika Mutalova
Costumes: Mirjam Egli
Lighting design: Simon Lichtenberger
Musical accompaniment: Donath Weyeneth
Dramaturgy: Irina Müller, Moos van den Broek
Dramaturgy assistance: Nadja Rothenburger
Outside eye: Sébastian Nübling
Mediation: Dominique Cardito
Video documentation: Heta Multanen
Photo documentation: Nelly Rodriguez/ Heta Multanen
Production management: Franziska Ruoss

Organised by: Deputy Ministry of Culture (Department of Modern and Contemporary Culture) and Rialto Theatre
Tickets: €8 (€30 for all performances)
Free entrance to students, soldiers, pensioners and dance professionals
Free transportation from Nicosia

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